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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom continues to attract a large number of international students, with a population exceeding 500,000. Renowned for its diverse range of courses and comprehensive learning methods, the UK provides a rewarding educational journey.

United states

The United States is celebrated for its globally acclaimed universities, prestigious institutions such as MIT, and its rich cultural diversity. With over 4,000 accredited educational centers, including Ivy League schools like Harvard, it remains a top destination for students worldwide.


Australia, positioned as the 12th happiest nation globally according to the Prosperity Index, boasts 37 leading universities, six of which rank among the prestigious top 100. This enhances its appeal as a preferred choice for studying abroad.


Canada stands out as another top destination for international students, providing outstanding education, a high standard of living, and ample work opportunities. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of three Canadian cities—Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal—in the top 20 rankings for Best Student Cities by QS.

European Union

The European Union presents another excellent opportunity for students seeking to study overseas. Thanks to its seamless mobility among member nations, students can acquire valuable international experience and immerse themselves in diverse cultures.


At Innvoy Global, we specialize in personalized student consultancy services, guiding you towards your dream educational journey.

Student consultancy

Your partner in personalized student consultation for a successful academic journey abroad.

Visa guidance

Your trusted resource for seamless student visa guidance, ensuring your path to studying abroad is hassle-free.

Student scholorships

Empowering students through tailored scholarship programs for academic excellence.


Pioneering the ultimate student consultancy experience with a seamless and personalized approach to success

Partners Universities

Innovy Global, a prominent figure in the study abroad and visa consultancy sector for more than a decade, boasts a distinguished track record of assisting students in realizing their aspirations of studying abroad. With pride, we’ve facilitated the successful enrollment of over 3500 students in top-tier universities globally. Our industry expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned us official partnerships with esteemed institutions such as the University of Nottingham and the University of Birmingham. These alliances underscore our strong affiliations with premier universities worldwide and our steadfast dedication to furnishing our clients with optimal opportunities for success. Count on Innovy Global, also referred to as IG, to navigate your study abroad journey and help you attain your academic objectives.

Why People Love To Choose Us

Finding Your Fit: Area & Course:

At Innvoy Global Consulting, we understand the importance of finding students fit in the vast landscape of academic opportunities. Our experienced advisors will work closely with students to assess their interests, goals and strengths guiding them towards programs that align with their aspirations and potential for success.

Navigating Scholarship Opportunities:

We believe that finances should never be a barrier to education. Our team is dedicated to helping students uncover scholarship opportunities that match their academic achievements, extracurricular involvement and personal background. We'll assist our students in navigating the complex world of financial aid to make our students educational dreams a reality.

Mastering the Interview From Preparation to Success:

Securing admission to their dream institution often requires acing the interview process. Our experts provide comprehensive interview preparation services, equipping students with the confidence, skills and strategies needed to impress admissions committees. From mock interviews to personalized feedback, we'll ensure that our students are ready to shine on the big day.

English Language Courses:

Proficiency in the English language is essential for academic success. Innvoy Global Consulting offers tailored English language courses designed to improve student's reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Our certified instructors utilize interactive methods and practical exercises to help students become fluent and confident in English.

Exploring Accommodation Options:

Finding the perfect accommodation is crucial for a smooth transition to your new academic environment. Our team will assist students in exploring accommodation options that meet their preferences and budget.

Crafting Career Plans:

At Innvoy Global Consulting, we believe in preparing students for success beyond the classroom. Our career counseling services empower students to explore potential career paths, develop professional skills and create strategic plans for achieving your long-term goals.

Our Commitment to Students

At Innvoy Global Consulting, our team fosters a close-knit community welcoming each student as part of the Innvoy family. Our support extends beyond initial guidance continuing even after you embark on your study abroad journey. We prioritize values, genuine connections and building a solid foundation for your success and recognized as a highly credible and trustworthy institution. So, if you’re prepared to take the leap join us and make your dreams a reality.

Success Testimonials

Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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Innovy Global exceeded my expectations! Their personalized approach to student consultancy ensured that I found the perfect university match for my academic goals. Their team provided invaluable guidance throughout the application process, making studying abroad a seamless experience. Highly recommend!
Saim Ali
Saim Ali
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Choosing Innovy Global was one of the best decisions I made for my study abroad journey. Their knowledgeable consultants helped me navigate the complex visa process with ease, and their support didn't stop there. They continued to provide assistance even after I arrived at my destination, ensuring a smooth transition into university life. Thank you, Innovy Global, for making my dreams a reality!
Taqadas Rehman
Taqadas Rehman
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I can't thank Innovy Global enough for their unwavering support and expertise. From helping me select the right program to securing scholarships, their consultants were with me every step of the way. Their dedication to student success truly sets them apart. If you're considering studying abroad, look no further than Innovy Global for top-notch consultancy services.
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